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The beginning

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

As a Muslim all beginnings begin with praise of God Almighty.
Allah is the same One True God that all Monotheists worship, He is not a new deity, you can call Him by any name as long as it is a beautiful name. He remains to be Allah as long as He is The One and Only ie One Unique, creator and sustainer of Worlds. Next He is not ascribed any parentage or lineage, and finally He can’t be imagined in any shape, form or power. God Almighty of Christians, Elohim of Jews, Ek Onkara of Sikhs and Parmatma of Hindus all fit into this criteria, hence for Muslims all these are Allah, The One True God.


Humanist, Muslim, Doabi, Hyderabadi, Londoner, European. Urdu Lover