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Supreme Court did not give clean chit to Modi

“Eine Lüge muss nur oft genug wiederholt werden. Dann wird sie geglaubt.”
usually translated as, “Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth.” Josef Goebbels, used to say this, he was Reich Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 . It is as true today as it was during the Nazis, infact it is said far more many times now with explosion of media hence many people actually believe it.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Supreme Court did not give Modi clean chit, what happened was that it did not find enough evidence to prosecute him,

  1. It does not mean that Modi did not do it, it only means that the evidence produced is not enough to prosecute Modi. In the UK there is Police and then there is Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Police gathers evidence and gives to CPS who then assess whether there is enough evidence to secure a successful prosecution. The SIT has worked in a similar way, where it was not deciding whether Modi has done it or not, but whether there is enough evidence to prosecute him. Everyone knows Modi was involved and it was his tacit and explicit involvement that let Gujarat 2002 happen. Hence SC has not give him a clean chit.
  2. It does not mean that Supreme Court did not find ‘not guilty’, because someone to be ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’, he has to be charged and presented to Supreme Court. When someone is not presented to SC, SC can not give him clean chit.

Now let us see what SIT of Supreme Court did say

  1. Sanjiv Bhatt did attend the meeting where the illegal and objectionable orders had been given to Police. These orders were to let the Hindus get a free hand at killing Muslims and that Police should not intervene. And what happened to Sanjiv Bhat for telling all what the illegal and objectional order was, as of date writing he is in jail, and his family had been attacked while they were driving in a car.
  2. It was illegal to give bodies of victims of Godhra to VHP, bodies are always given to individual relatives and not political groups who then parade it throughout city spreading hatred.
  3. It concluded that Modi has a communal mindset

This is Bajrang Dal leader detailing what he did in Naroda-Pataya and how it was all blessed by Modi and had protection of Modi. Unfortunately this is not considered a testimony in court

The well that Babu Bajrangi describes is in this video… the boy describes that 4 truckload of bodies were recovered from the well, mostly women and children.

The Tragedy with Gujarat Riots is that many forget the human cost of it, watch the documentary below (and it is two and a half hour long). The human cost of this carnage is reflected in this few years old Muslim boy whose family was slaughtered in from of his eyes and he describes their slaughter with vivid details in the very start of the documentary (time stamp two minutes) when the documentary is to conclude the boy makes an appearance again (time stamp two hours twenty four minutes). He now says that when he grows up he is going to be a soldier who is going to kill all Hindus, the film maker asks him if the boy is going to kill him as well, the boy replies that he only kills Hindus and refuses to believe that the filmmaker is a Hindu. He refuses to be believe that Hindus can be nice, saying that the filmmaker is a Muslim. No child is going to forget how his family was slaughtered, when he grows up we can pray that he realises that all Hindus are not like those who entered his house and slaughtered his family. And we can only pray that he find it in his heart some forgiveness and remove some bitterness.


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