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India and its dissatisfied Religious Minorities

Religious Minorities in India have problem with India. Minorities in India make 20.2% of Indian population, while 18.2% of these are Christians, Sikhs and Muslims, and 2% are other Non Hindus. Christians, Sikhs and Muslims have all asked for Independence from India in one place or another and at one time or another. And, all three groups have been involved in violent insurgency against India involving deaths of thousands of them.

Christians: Manipur, Meghalaya and Nagaland all are Christian dominated states and have indulged in insurgency demanding independence since 1960s or even earlier. India happily invoked AFSPA in two of these three states, giving its military immunity to commit any human rights violation without facing consequences for it. Brutal repression followed silencing their right to self determination.

Sikhs: Punjab is the only state where Sikhs live in huge numbers around 2/3 population of Punjab is Sikh, Punjab went through a huge insurgency in late 1970s to late 1980s. AFSPA was applied there, and the holiest site of Sikhs, was shelled by tanks as Army entered the Golden Temple. As tanks rolled of Golden Temple everyone Sikh knew that there is no limit to which India could go stop Sikhs from independence. For Indian Government it was better to kill humanity and morality than see anyone leave India.

Muslims: Muslims although make around 14% of Indian population but they are spread all around India, the only place they form 2/3 majority is Kashmir. Kashmir has been under turmoil like states with Sikh and Christian majorities. AFSPA is applied their as well, and security forces make sure that commit all crimes as they know they won’t be prosecuted for it. There have been mass rape of fair white skinned Kashmiri Muslim girls a feat many in Hindu Right showed their feelings when Kashmir was snatched whatever form of sovereignty it was left with Article 370.

So the question that begs to be asked is, why is it that all significant religious minorities in India have fought India, this is when Indian Constitution provides them far more protection and gives them far more rights than any other Constitution that I know of. Why?

The answer is that these minorities feel discriminated and threatened in India. There is no reason other than that a large segment of Hindu majority does not want anyone else to have any power or status in India. In fact they do not want these minorities in India, Muslims have always been asked leave for Pakistan, in my personal experience I have been told to go to Pakistan so many times that I can not even remember. The RSS’s Hindutva philosophy says that Muslims and Christians can not even be Indian. And the current Prime Minister of India Modi believes the same, he has been life long dedicated member of RSS, the primary Hindutva organisation in India. Unwanted, discriminated and threatened by a large section of Hindu Majority, they do not feel welcomed, safe, valued or loved in India. The corrupt system of Police, Administration and Judiciary cripples whatever protections Constitution gives. To preserve their own dignity, family and culture, they feel they would be better off not being part of India.

My message to Hindu Right is this, insurgent have to score only once to get their independent country, and India would be divided again. And, India has to defend every insurgency everywhere to make sure of its territorial integrity. Hence, it is far better that you stop threatening hating these minorities, stop demonising them, stop discrimination and make them feel wanted and valued in India. Only then India will be saved, otherwise…


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