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The abomination of wicked men with no brains

Just heard about the attack on Churches in Sri Lanka on Easter. I have no words to express my disgust and anger at those who bomb civilians like this. I wish they catch the culprits quickly and put them to death.

For the rest God Almighty will inflict His retribution upon them, and His justice is not incomplete and undeliverable like ours. For example for a man who was killed in the atrocities, God Almighty will bring these criminals in front of children of the victim and inflict punishment on their behalf for taking away their father, then He will take parents and inflict punishment for loss of their child, then He will take up the wife and inflict punishment for loss of her husband, then He will take up siblings and inflict punishment for loss of their brother, so on and so forth. He will have to pay for loss borne by every single person, and every punishment will have a unique start and end date.

I am really fed up with the current status of how things are with the weapon policy. We must do something with these weapons that allow for small men to cause carnage.

My condolences and respect for those who have lost their loved ones. May God Almighty give them peace and respite…. Aameen


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