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Why RSS will eventually ruin India

Most men from Europe who joined ISIS came from a background where they firmly believed that the society that they grew up in was hostile to them. Even though they knew that there were people who would support them and were oppose to those who opposed them, but that was not enough to stop them. They firmly believed that their society is not going to give them their rights, rights that are available to all but denied to them. Right to progress, right to be accepted, to have a sense of belonging, not to be discriminated, etc. I am not defending what they did later on, I am trying to explain their reasons for joining a deranged organisation like ISIS. These men, who should have loved their societies for the comfort, education and privilege they provided over so many others in the world, they hated these societies.

One thing that is currently happening in India is the same alienation of Indian Muslims on the same line that made European Muslims feel alienated and joined ISIS to belong somewhere. The injustices and war that European Countries inflicted on Muslims countries leading to blood spilling and injustice, they see the same happening in Kashmir. And once Indian Muslims feel alienated enough slowly but surely, they will start rebelling in a violent way, this is a historical fact, it has happened in all societies throughout history and it will repeat itself.

Pakistan would have been impossible without Jinnah and Jinnah would have been impossible without Iqbal, both were extremely secular, patriotic Muslims. But the opposition they saw that Hindu Mahasabha had in giving rights for protection of Indian Muslims sent shivers down their spine. Also, Hindu Mahasabha had infiltrated Congress in hordes, Motilal Nehru once complained to Gandhi that during a UP Congress session, no one coming up for secular causes except for him and Jawahar. Such blatant communalism and urge to dominate Muslims led Iqbal conclude that Hindus can not be trusted for welfare of Muslims. Then Iqbal went to Jinnah to convince him of the same, it was after Iqbal’s irrefutable arguments that Jinnah took up the cause of Pakistan.

RSS is an offshoot of Hindu Mahasabha, there is no denying that. And this RSS Government is flaming the same distrust that took Iqbal and Jinnah away from their societies by bringing in discriminatory laws like CAA. Today, judicial system is completely run by RSS, there is no doubt in the Muslim mind that RSS influenced the Babri Masjid verdict after Gogoi was nominated to Parliament by the Swayam-sevak President. The legal system which Muslims trusted to deliver justice has betrayed them. The seeds of alienation and injustice have already been sown. I remember Lord Wavell wanting to leave India united, and he was frustrated with the distrust that existed between Hindu and Muslim leaders.

The trust deficiency today is huge, probably not as much as it was during Wavell’s time, but getting close to it. Indian Muslims have little trust in the RSS run government, they feel discriminated, disenfranchised, alienated and not wanted. They feel not wanted because we have a new normal, the new normal of insulting Islam and Muslims. To repeatedly tell Muslims that they are not wanted in India and they should go to Pakistan. Threatening them, maligning their character, abusing Islam and Prophet all this is creating the environment for perfect storm. This storm is not yet ready, but it is getting ready, there is still some time to save India, but only some time. All the ingredients of huge unrest are there, alienation, distrust, disenfranchisement, discrimination, threats, abuse, a biased media that maligns them every night, loss of respect, loss of sense of belonging and loss of sense of being wanted.

Those who thought Delhi Violence was bad, they should look out when the Muslims decide enough is enough and start an all out civil war, the civil war is ready to breakout in India. Muslims will yet again demand more protections for them, and RSS government will not give them any, instead they will be taking their existing rights like they have done in Kashmir. One by one, complaints will pile up, discontent will grow and one day violence will start. After that violence will multiply, with so much violence across the country, forces will be called in to protect civilians. Once forces are busy protecting civilians, China and Pakistan will attack India, may be the world will allow Pakistan to leave some of the territory, but I am sure before Pakistan leaves an inch, they will declare Khalistan and Kashmir as independent countries, just like we did to Bangladesh. China on the other hand will not leave an inch, and like work will keep watching as it is watching with Russian occupation of Ukraine.

I am anticipating these things to happen, it does not mean that I want these things to happen. I do not want these thing to happen, but the idiocy of India’s Hindus in supporting RSS will extract a price from India. And that price will be a jolt to India. Right wing ideology has always broken nations and brought misery to its citizenry, and RSS is no exception, they will do what all Right Wingers do, divide people and split countries.

Some people see my stand as conflicting, as someone who supports large unions of people and yet supports small independence movements everywhere, from Catalonia to Kashmir. They fail to understand that I am not opposed to any country, but I am opposed to forcing anyone to live under/with someone else. If they want to separate from the union they have a right to do so. I opposed Brexit, but I accept what people voted for. But, as a consequence of Brexit if Scotland wants to leave this Union of Two Kingdoms and want to join European Union, I will stand with Scots, because it is their right to decide their future.

I like the way EU works, you can join and you can leave, no one is forcing you, everyone is equal, small Malta can block something for Germany if it is detrimental for Malta. The same does not exist in the union of Scotland & England, and certainly nothing like it exists in India. If India was to become a Union of States like European Union, I think that will be ideal, and it will take a lot of violence and hate away that exists in India.


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