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Terrorists and Nutters with Arms

Rebels, Nutters and Murderers have always existed in the world, and always will. It doesn’t matter if they are Anders Behring Breivik or Seung-Hui Cho or Omar Ismaël Mostefai, they could be Black or White, Asian or Caucasian, Arab or Oriental, Christian or Hindu or Muslim or anyone else. Nutters and crackpots are everywhere, but historically they were not a problem like they are today. So what has changed? What is the difference between the nutters and murderers of yesteryears and today? The only difference is the arms they use when they do their terrorist activity.

I think the first massacre by a civilian, without any military or police involvement was the massacre conducted by Andrew Kehoe. Commonly known as Bath School Disaster of 1927, a man seeking revenge from a community who voted him out of office led to series of explosions killing several students and teachers. This was the defining moment in the history, where a single disgruntled person could kill scores of people. But nobody saw where the world was going. Historically, it would have not been impossible for Kehoe to do this, because killing 45 people and injuring 58 others with a sword or knife is impossible, one would get tired because people will fight back. Even with a Musket it was impossible, think of Andrew Kehoe deciding to go to a market to commit an atrocity with a Musket. He would shoot, put the Musket on the ground, clean the barrel, load the bullet, put the gunpowder in, hold it in postion, aim and then take another shot, it is impossible to carry out a mass murder with a Musket. But bombs made it easy, think of it this way, had Andrew Kehoe had used a Musket or sword how many  could he have killed and how many could he have injured?

But the wars didn’t stop, neither did the weapons development. We invented several types of bombs and explosives, several new types of guns, by 1945 we had invented and exploded atomic bomb on civilians. Then came 1947, Klashnikov came to market, 100 million+ of AK-47s have been sold in the world, sold from Alaska to Australia, in Sudan a version of AK47 sold for children to operate is sold in black market for less than US$50. We have around 875 Million guns in the world. Roughly for every seventh person in the world we have a gun. US has 90 guns per 100 Americans followed by Yemen, 67 guns per 100 Yemenis.

At this juncture I recall statement of a famous dacoit Phoolan Devi, she had said, “If you kill one, you will be called a murderer, but if you kill dozen you will be called rebel.” The reason for quoting Phoolan Devi is that all sorts of criminals understand that one needs to kill a lot of people to get their message across and terrorise the intended audience, and truly after killing two dozen men in one night, she became a terror. Now, the terrorists, nutters, murderers and every weirdo of every kind who wouldn’t have killed anyone because the sheer impact of their dastardly act would not have made a dime’s difference to their cause. They can now kill hundreds and their act would make a difference it would matter.

And on top of this there are several in the world who wants to give out more weapons to more people. Excellent, Please make more weapons so more people can be murdered. Invent new weapons so it becomes more easier to kill even far greater number of people. Total arms trade in the world is US $1.5 trillion and charity is less than US $0.1 trillion. Heil Humanity!!!!

With new, better and easier to operate guns it suddenly became easy to kill. Nutters and Murderers are not supposed to have guns, but we have given it to them….


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