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The Parliament has spoken…

Since the Referrendum, Leavers can’t stop saying, “People have spoken” referring to their win in a Non-Binding Referendum. The last recourse to every loosing argument to stop Brexit is “People have Spoken”. Several Brexiteer leaders will quote it again and again sighting how it would be betrayal of democracy to ignore and not deliver Brexit. And I agree with it.

I am a hardcore Remainer, and I have always acknowledged that it was a democratic vote, it must be honoured and it would be a betrayal of democracy to not honour it. Even though it was an a non-binding vote, the spirit of democracy demands that the vote must be honoured. And the only way to overturn that vote is to have another referendum.

However, we also live in a Parliamentary democracy, hence what goes on in the parliament is no less important. Recently the Mother of All Parliaments voted in favour of another Non-Binding vote, ‘The Spelma-Dromey Amendment’. The amendment say, “and rejects the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement and a framework for the future relationship.” In other words it says No to No Deal Brexit.

Any person who vouches for democracy has to respect this Non-Binding vote at par with the Non-Binding referendum. Hence for every democrat, it has to be a Brexit and it has to to be a Brexit with a deal. No-Deal Brexit is just as undemocratic as No-Brexit, hence all Brexiteers should start telling May to sign a deal under any circumstances.


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