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Things Brexiteers say that really piss me off….

Independence: Those who have not read Government of India Act 1858 and Indian Independence Act 1947 have no right to say that they know what loosing and gaining independence it. Government of India Act 1858 made India an official British colony, after that no law for India could be made in India, no law maker of Indian Law could be Indian, no Indian could join Indian Civil Services that ran India, no Indian could be an officer in Indian Army, so on and so forth. Indian Independence Act 1947 is gaining independence. Agreeing shape of your bananas is a standard on your trade deal, having signboards outside restaurants and clubs in India saying “Indians and Dogs not Allowed” is loosing independence.

Take Back Control: To get something back you need to have lost it in the first place, Britain has always had control. We never lost control, we back EU laws 97% of the times. So there is no argument about 97% of the time. The rest 3% of the time, we have a veto and an opt-out to deal with. If something was really bad surely we can find a few countries who would help us block the legislation to go through. And in case we have a EU legislation that really is only detrimental to us or we can’t find friends and partners in EU to back us up, we have an opt out of Charter of Fundamental Rights which limits the extent of EU Courts and EU Laws, we can pass in our parliament contrary to the EU legislation and our National Law will hold supreme. So it is a complete lie to say that we have lost control.

Brexit Means Brexit / Leave Means Leave: Yes, leave means leave. But we can leave the EU and still remain in Customs Union and Single Market, no one can say that we have not left EU. How we leave the EU was not the question, leaving EU was. And, if people can’t agree on how we leave that question must be asked again or let the parliament decide. I as a democrat want to leave honouring the ‘Leave Vote’, but how we leave was never the question, hence we are perfectly right to argue that we want to remain in Single Market.

Will of the People / We Voted Leave / People Voted Leave: People also voted overwhelming Remainer MPs to parliament, and these MPs are doing job they were told to do ie exit with Soft Brexit. It is clearly mentioned on Page 24 of Labour Manifesto and Page 8 of SNP Manifest that they wanted to remain in Customs Union and Single Market. These Remainer MPs were voted in for a reason, to honour their manifesto of Customs Union and Single Market so that we are out of EU but in as well. It is as democratic for them to force government to deliver Customs Union and Single Market as it is to deliver Brexit. If Leavers believe that it is patronising to say that people didn’t know what they were voting for when they voted Brexit, it is equally patronising to say that people didn’t know that they were voting for MPs and parties that were ‘Remainers’ and at the least wanted to be in Customs Union and Single Market.

Respect The Referendum: Respecting Referendum is honouring the answer to the question of the Referendum, “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?” The answer was “Yes”. The Referendum did not have Theresa May’s red lines, hence it is perfectly with all legal and moral judgements to not be a member of European Union and remain in the Customs Union and Single Market. There are 17 million reasons to quit EU but there are 16 million reasons to stay in Customs Union and Single Market.

Unelected Bureaucrats: I believe British have the least when calling someone undemocratic while having a House of Lords in their Parliament, but then we are not here to talk about hereditary peers in British Parliaments but EU. European Parliament (directly elected by EU Citizens), Council of European Union (made of ministers of democratically elected governments), European Council (made of Prime Ministers of all EU countries, last time I checked they were all elected in their countries) and finally European Commission which is the Executive Branch of EU ( its members nominated by individual countries that are elected by their citizens, approved by European Parliament and Council of European Union) again we are less democratic than EU because appointment a Treasury Secretary is the Prime Minister’s decision, parliament can not vote or approve it.

Trade With The World: Suppose you have a restaurant Brexit with 60 tables, next to you is a bigger restaurant called Europe with 450 tables. Supplier China supplies to both you and wants a free trade deal, in what world do you think supplier China will offer you better deal than to restaurant called Europe, they are 7.5 times bigger than you, who do you think is China’s priority, a customer with £100 or a customer worth £750.

Remoaners And Other Name Calling: When I was young I was told that when people loose argument, they start fighting and name calling…. that is how every Brexiteer starts an argument today, because they know they have lost every argument, they are out there just for a fight… what happened to Anna Soubry is a classic example.


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