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Assam, NRC and myth of Bangladeshi immigration

 It is without doubt the whole process of NRC run by BJP/RSS Government is to disenfranchise Indian Muslims from Assam of their Citizenship and hence voting rights. That is the objective of the exercise irrespective of what the government says. The Prime Minister and his accomplices are well established liars, no further proof is necessary. And in a country where Prime Minister Mr. Modi can not prove his educational qualifications and his stooges present a degree in “Entire Political Science” and his mark sheets keep jumping from typed to handwritten, in such a country they expect poor uneducated people to have documents almost 40 years old to prove their citizenship. This is truly pathetic. My own opinion as I have expressed several times is that I do not believe in borders, and I am open to migration of people irrespective of their cause or religion.

Coming back to topic, instead of Assam let us start with Tripura, another state that borders Bangladesh, a border three times lengthier than Assam’s. Assam’s border with Bangladesh is only 262km long, while  Tripura’s border with Bangladesh is 856km. A huge stretch of India Bangladesh border in Assam runs through Bhramputra, which makes it even smaller. The case I am making for is that if people wanted to come from Bangladesh to India they would come to Tripura rather than Assam, sheerly because the Tripura Border is much easier and lengthier to cross than Assam’s.

The Big Table

Tripura has a declining Muslim Population

The 1951 Census has the Religious Population of Tripura had 75.2% Hindus and 21.4% Muslims, by 2011 the percentage of Muslim population in Tripura had fallen to 8.6%, a drop of almost 60%. So the question that needs to be asked is that why has Muslim share of population fallen so much after 1951. Remember the population exchange happened in 1947, and not after 1951. So, I asked my father who was an officer in BSF and spent later 60s, all of 70s to early 80s in the North East. He said that even after independence the borders were so porous that population exchange kept happening, Muslims kept leaving India and Hindus kept coming here. The conclusion is contrary to what BJP-RSS tells us. So it is far more likely that people coming to Assam from Bangladesh are more likely to be Hindus than Muslims, just like Tripura.

Considering Assam & India

The 1951 Census had 24.9% Muslims in Assam. In short there was already a sizeable Muslim population. By 2011 this had grown to 34.2% of the population, which means that Muslim share of population in Assam had grown by 37.3%, but comparing it to all India levels, we still see a decline. In India in 1951, Muslims used to be 9.8% of the population, while in 2011 they made 14.2%. An increase in share of population by 45.2%. Now compare this to Assam’s 37.3%. Assam actually has seen lesser growth in relative population than rest of India, ie the Muslim share of population has grown far more in rest of India than Assam. If Assam has seen lesser relative population share growth, clearly it is Hindus who are indeed coming from Bangladesh than Muslims.


Apart from the fact that NRC is a disaster from Human Rights perspective and the basic rules of justice and fair play it is also indulged in high class propaganda of hatred, bigotry and injustice. Looking at the data from these two censuses of these two states it is concluded that it is Bangladeshi Hindus who are migrating to India and not Bangladeshi Muslims. Calling anybody ‘termites’ is deplorable, be it Hindu or Muslim, but small men can not understand that. I hate the idea of looking at migrants from the angle of religion, but this whole exercise is based around victimising adherents of one religion, Islam. Hence this comparison , albeit unethical and immoral needed to be done.


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