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How YouTube tracked me in this one instance

This might not sound sinister but it is. Some time ago Brexit came back into news as negotiations restarted and also started getting sour and I started watching more Brexit news. Being an Anti Brexit guy YouTube always suggests Anti Brexit views to me. So, one day some Anti-Brexit news came up on The Sun’s YouTube channel which was flagged to me. Those who do not know UK Press, The Sun is Tabloid with a naked girl on Page Two and an Anti EU stance. The only reason it was flagged to me because it was news about someone making a statement that Brexit is an act of self harm.

After that YouTube knew that I could be interested in Brexit News from The Sun, i.e. I was flagged with several Pro Brexit videos from The Sun and two or three Pro Brexit YouTube Vloggers. After watching a couple of more News Videos on Brexit from The Sun. YouTube became more agressive to see these Vloggers, so I watched a couple of them but they sounded far more idiotic with every video I watched. In the end, I would watch hardly a few seconds of the Vloggers video and then switch to something else.

YouTube understood that I do not like these guys and my “engagement time” with these videos was very little. So it stopped flagging these Vlogger and started flagging other Pro Brexit Vloggers, but I was done with ProBrexit stupidity and its Vloggers. So I stopped watching them, and Voila! No Pro-Brexit videos after few days, back to feeding me what I like, news from BBC, The Guardian, NDTV, HW, The Wire, Quint… etc.

Point being that I am fed up with the way my data is collected. Google, Facebook, Instagram and every company that gathers my data must be taxed on how much data they collect for me. That is the only way these guys are going to collect less and less data about me.


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