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Non Muslims Percentage in Pakistan, and Amit Shah doesn’t tell truth

Every time there is a conversation between me and a Sanghi, this things always makes an appearance, Pakistan had 23% Non Muslims in 1947 and now it is 3%, usually implying that Muslims are terrible news for people of other faiths that they are ruling. This claim was repeated by Amit Shah in Parliament, and like all Sanghis he was implying that Muslims are worst rulers and a disaster for Non Muslim population, that is why he had 3 Muslim countries from where he would take refugees from, but left the two Buddhist countries (Burma and Sri Lanka) where Muslims or Hindus suffered and is not taking any. Obviously, this notion of Muslims being terrible to their Non Muslim population has no relationship with truth. It is an absurd and utter lie, after all Muslims ruled large parts of India without interrupting the Hindu life and customs, most of the population under them remained Hindu, Sikhism developed under Muslim rule. But facts matter little to Sanghis, what matters to them is to demonise Muslims and Islam, feeding their hatred against both. I will prove Amit Shah and Sangh wrong through the Censuses of 1941, 1951 of India and Pakistan and the latest 2011 Census.

This is from 1941 Census and it compares with 2011 Census of India and 2011 estimates from Pakistan

Looking at Pakistan, Total of Non Muslims they were indeed 22.8%, but again this is before partition. Look at how many Muslims were in India in Old Punjab, 31.2%. This Old Punjab was one large state made up of current Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

And anyone who is suggesting that Pakistan, ie West Pakistan had 22.8% Non Muslims even after partition say in 1950 or 1951 needs to have his brains checked. The 1951 Census of Pakistan said the same thing Indian Census of 1951 said, that both areas had completely emptied the others population. There were no Muslims left in Indian Punjab and no Non Muslims left in Pakistani Punjab,

The human tragedy of Partition was great and Muslims lost out most. But Sanghis in India are trying to prove that Hindus bore the brunt of Partition. While the loss to Hindus and Sikhs was great and I will never want/try to belittle that, but Sanghis must be replied for belittling Muslims losses, Muslims lost more than everyone else. Let us look at Punjab of 1947 which after partition was completely devoid of communities on other side making migration completely complete. Here is the table of Punjab in 1941, Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistani Punjab numbered around 4.2 million and Muslims in Indian Punjab Numbered around 5.4 million. This means 1.2 million more Muslims bore the brunt tragedy than Hindus and Sikhs. United Punjab which had a population of 34.3 million in 1941, 15.7% of its population went from India to Pakistan but only 12.2% of its population moved from Pakistan to India, what more proof is required to confirm that Muslims lost out more in the horror of partition than Hindus and Sikhs. I hate to state this fact, because it is suggesting that I am trying to belittling the horror that 4.2 Million of Sikhs and Hindus faced in Pakistani Punjab. But Sanghis need to replied with facts for they belittle the horror of partition that 5.4 million Muslims of Indian Punjab faced in India.

Finally, for anyone to say that Pakistan performed badly in migration, India did much worse. Here are the districts on the Western Front alone and look at their Muslim population collapsing in Punjab and Delhi. Yes, the Muslims population collapsed from 31.3% in 1941 for Delhi and Punjab to 1.4% in 1951. Delhi and Punjab are proofs that India handled Partition much worse than Pakistan, where the Hindu and Sikh Population also collapsed but from 22.8% to 3.4%.

Pitting this in simple ratios, Delhi before partition every 3rd person was Muslim, and after partition every 20th person was Muslim, and Delhi was capital of the country. In Indian Punjab previously every 3rd person was Muslim, after partition every 70th person was Muslims. Comparing this with Pakistan where every 4th person was a Sikh or a Hindu before partition, after partition every 30th person was a Hindu or Sikh.

Amit Shah the Sanghi and current Home Minister of India said this while moving the Citizenship Amendment Bill, “1947 main Pakistan ke andar alpasankhyakon ki aabadi 23 pratishat thi, aur 2011 main wog ghat kar 3.7 pratishat ho gayi. Bangladesh main 1947 main aplsankhyakon ki aabadi 22 pratishat thi aur 2011 main wo kam ho kar 7.8 pratishat ho gayi. Kahan gaye ye log? Ya toh unka dharm parivartan hua. Ya wo maar diye gaye, ya bhaga diye gaye, ya Bharat aa gaye.” From above one can easily see that he is a liar and dangerous man for India, and his antics will create new Jinnahs in India leading to another partition type massacare, God forbid.

Before I close, it must be reinstated that that purpose of this article is not to belittle anyone’s horror, be it 4.2 million Hindus and Sikhs or 5.3 million Muslims. Their suffering can not be forgotten and we must learn from mistakes of previous generations and make sure not to repeat them, but Sanghi lies have to be set straight. The issue with Sanghis is that their intention is to demonise Pakistan and then it rub to Islam and all Muslims, hence the demonisation of Pakistan in India must be stopped to save Muslims of India.

Finally, here are the 1941 and 1951 Censuses to verify the figures. 2011 Figures are available online from the Census Website


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