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Nepotism and Priyanka Gandhi

Let me say this outright I like Priyanaka Gandhi, I have had a crush on her since I was a boy, but, I am going to defend her not because of my crush but because I really don’t see a problem with Nepotism. Most of us have hypocritical approach towards Nepotism, my father was a soldier and I was under a good pressure to join armed forces. I have several friends who have 2 or 3 generations in Army, but no one says a word about how evil nepotism is of soldiers. In fact everyone looks up to them.

Same goes for businessmen it was fine for Ratan Tata to inherit JRD Tata, and it was fine for JRD Tata to inherit Jamshetji Tata, no one ever says that this was wrong. Same goes for Birla, starting with S.N. Birla, followed by B.D Birla then G.D. Birla and then Kumaramangalam Birla. And why just Tata-Birla, every other business family in India is doing it Ambanis, Godrejs, Wadias to your local baniya and local sunhaar. In Khurja, 3 generations of same Pansari has sat on their shop, no one has ever said that someone else should sit on this shop. And this is not just limited to India it is everywhere else world as well, look at Ford, Waltons, Sainbury’s, Koc, Disney etc. Even today most people choose professions which their fathers had worked in.

Next, politics everywhere has nepotism in it, from Bushes in America, Trudeaus in Canada to Bhuttos in Pakistan, Gandhis in India and Sheikhs in Bangladesh. The mother of all Parliaments, The British Parliament also had a Father-Son Prime Ministers (Pitts father and son), today many Tory MPs have had a close relative as an MP. For God’s sake there is a very lengthy page on political families on Wikipedia, for easy reading it is classified by country with a note that it is an incomplete list…. The fact is that every other political party in India is indulged in Nepotism, from South starting with AIADMK (father & son) to NC (father and son), from West with Shiv Sena (father & son) to AIUDF (father and son). And about BJP and Bhakts they say that a picture is worth a million words hence I am posting two….

Next coming to Modi and RSS, both of them are indulged in fairly large dose of nepotism. A family man one can only rise in RSS to the rank of Mahanagar Karyavah (City head). To rise beyond the rank Mahanagar Karyavah you need to be a bachelor who is a full time devotee to Sangh. Hence when Modi joined RSS he had to abandon family of his birth and his wife. To climb in RSS, it is a per-requisite to abandon person’s own family and accept RSS as his family. Modi exchanged his family for the RSS family. Hence his nepotism should not be measured with who benefited from family of his birth, but who benefited from the family he chose to become member of. And his brothers from RSS who benefited from Nepotism of Modi are far too many…. I will mention only a few……

President of India : Ram Nath Kovind
Governors of States : Governor of Bengal Keshari Nath Tripathi who was accused of converting Raj Bhavan into an RSS Shaakha.
Chief Ministers of State: Like Dhongi Adityanath, the man who wants to divide India on religious grounds once again.
Chief of Army Staff: Gen Bipin Rawat was appointed sidelining two senior Generals (he is not RSS Member yet, but he thinks and acts like one, and like his predecessor VK Singh, there will be a day when he will don RSS Uniform)
Vice Chancellors of Universities like JNU and BHU

The whole list will be too long if Modi’s Nepotism is to be captured in its entirety….. the latest example of Nepotism is of Sambit Patra as an Indpendent Director of ONGC with salary of 27 Lakh per year …. What qualification does Patra have to secure this salary and position except that he is from Kachchadhaaris and benefits from Modi’s Nepotism. Nepotism runs in Modi like blood in his veins… you just need to recognise his family…. His family is not The Modi Family but The Kachchadhaari Family.


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